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Strengths Based Appreciative Coaching

What makes this model different than other coaching?

In a strengths based appreciative approach we begin by identifying your vision for yourself, if you were functioning at your peak performance. Specifically, what would you like your patients and their families to say about the quality of the experience they have while in your care. What behaviors would you need to promise to do to accomplish that outcome. We then identify any gaps between this ideal and your current performance based on the four standardized patient encounters. We discuss your top five unique strengths in order to leverage these to build your skills while helping you stay engaged and excited about the process. The research is clear, those who engage their strengths every day, have greater work satisfaction, resilience and less burnout at work. At the end of session one we will have co-created a learning agenda to help you accomplish your vision. Session 2 through 5 will be focused on closing the gap between the current state and your envisioned future state.

Because of the unique needs of our population in the KSTAR program, this agenda can be modified to your unique needs and practice situation. Our aim is to be flexible and facilitate you in achieving your vision.

Program Steps

  • Interview and video-tape 3 sessions with standardized patients
  • Review your video-tapes and rank yourself on relationship-centered skills
  • Complete the Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment
  • One-on-One coaching sessions
  • Follow-up session with standardized patients to review progress

Total cost $3,910

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Coaching with Maysel Kemp White, PhD, MFT, FACH

Healthcare Quality & Communication Improvement

A nationally recognized speaker, teacher, coach, and author on relationship-centered care. Dr. White has designed and delivered communication and coaching skills curricula at health systems across North America. In 2018 she received the “Healthcare Communication Teaching Excellence Award” from the Academy on Communication in Healthcare. Dr. White works in collaboration with healthcare professionals to facilitate cultural transformation using relationship-centered and strengths based approaches.