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Fitness for Duty Evaluation

The KSTAR Fitness for Duty Evaluation is an independent medical evaluation designed to describe a health care practitioner's health and ability to perform the duties related to their practice of medicine. The Fitness for Duty Evaluation is unique from the KSTAR Physician Assessment Program because it focuses on health, physical, and in some instances mental abilities, and it is not an evaluation of medical competence. Because this type of evaluation is vital in circumstances when a practitioner's physical and/or mental abilities are concerned, KSTAR arranges for independent and objective examiners to perform the necessary components of the evaluation.

KSTAR Fitness for Duty Evaluation Application

Comprehensive Physical Examination

This includes an emphasis on physical abilities, special sensory evaluations, and neurologic screening. The comprehensive physical exam component of the evaluation is foundational. This examination does not include laboratory testing however, if it is felt that further testing of any kind is needed, the KSTAR Medical Director will clearly note this in the final report. If recommended, additional testing would be the responsibility of the physician applicant or referral source.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

To assure that a physician has the necessary coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity to safely perform the medical evaluations and procedures that pertain to his or her practice.

Cognitive Screening or Full Neuropsychological Evaluation

Cognitive screening to determine if further neuropsychological testing is indicated. If cognitive concerns are part of the reason for the evaluation then a full neuropsychological evaluation is required.

Neuropsychiatric Evaluation

This includes an evaluation by a Board Certified Neuropsychiatrist that focuses on the interface of physical and mental capacities of a physician to perform safe clinical care.


360 Multi-source Feedbacks from Co-workers and Colleagues

This obtains feedback from a physician's work circle including peers and subordinates to determine how those that work with him perceive his practice abilities and if there are any identified patient safety issues.

To maximize objectivity of this exam, KSTAR has contracted with outside physicians who are vetted, interviewed, and approved to perform such an evaluation.

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