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Healthcare Data Integration

Performance measurement drives health care decision-making at all levels. We strive to help hospitals meet these requirements by providing innovative tools. Our Healthcare Data Integration (HDI) program is designed to improve performance through measurement. HDI is a one-stop shop for data submission and qualifying reporting requirements. The breadth and depth of this series assists in transforming data to useful information for the C suite (i.e., CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and CNOs).

Our HDI tools, powered by Nuance, provide data submission to the Texas Health Care Information Council and core measures to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and/or The Joint Commission. The tools also assist in creating reports for re-credentialing providers.

Our tools utilize administrative (billing) data to analyze patient safety and quality-of-care measures. Core measure abstracting and data analysis tools are included to enhance the chart abstraction process. We provide benchmarking and performance measurement scorecards to assist in monitoring and trending financial performance, quality of care and patient safety performance. This data error correction process improves the ability to submit clean claims for reimbursement.

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