Texas A&M Regional Extension Center at ARCHI

The Purpose of the Regional Extension Center

The Texas A&M Regional Extension Center (REC) serves as a support and resource center for health care providers to successfully implement, upgrade and achieve meaningful use of the electronic health records (EHR). Our goal is to help increase the quality of care for patients and improve productivity for provider practices and hospitals. Texas A&M REC is designated, by the Office of the National Coordinator, as one of the few organizations in the United States with the experience and capacity to assist health providers with the task of modernizing health care delivery through certified electronic health records. We also provide assistance in meeting requirements for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services EHR Incentive Program, which includes registering for the program, coaching, and monitoring meaningful use measures to ensure successful achievement of quality measures.

Services Available

EHR Vendor Selection

Easily navigate the EHR vendor marketplace with vendor selection assistance such as arranging demonstrations of EHR products, researching vendor offerings and providing tools to select the best EHR for your practice.

Workflow Redesign

When moving from paper to electronic records or maximizing your EHR investment, we analyze the practice environment to integrate the EHR with minimal disruption. Our activities complement the services of the EHR vendor and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the practice.

EHR Incentive Program Support and Meaningful Use

Achieve EHR meaningful use objectives by understanding and taking advantage of EHR incentives and quality reporting guideline full benefits, including e-prescribing and privacy and security assessments needed to meet

EHR Usability and Patient Safety

Designed to assist physicians in documenting potential of identified patient safety and usability issues associated with EHRs. The EHR Support Center is a tool to collect data for advancing patient safety as the medical community adopts and uses EHRs.

Complete Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

By cyber security experts.

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