Nancy Dickey

Nancy W. Dickey, MD

President Emeritus, TAMHSC
Executive Director, A&M Rural & Community Health Institute
Professor, Department of Primary Care and Population Health and Department of Medical Humanities     
Principle Investigator, Center for Optimizing Rural Health

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Robert Steele

Robert S. Steele, MD, FAAFP

KSTAR Medical Director
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Jettie Eddleman

Jettie Eddleman, BSN, RN

Director of Operations
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Tammy Wagner

Tammy Wagner, BBA, RN, CPHQ, IQCI

Director of Quality; Chief Nursing Officer; Manager Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Specialist, CORH
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Peter Yu

Peter Yu, Ph.D., SCJP

Director of Technology & Research Scientist, ARCHI
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care Medicine
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Melissa Garza, BSHP, MA

Director of Finance
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Jon A. Guidry, MD

Medical Director of Clinical Safety Research
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Misti Carter

Misti Hill Carter, PhD, JD

Associate Director for Communication and Research
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Bree Watzak

Bree Watzak, PharmD, BCPS

Center for Optimizing Rural Health Director of Technical Assistance Patient Safety Organization (PSO #79) Pharmacist
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Angie Alaniz

Angie Alaniz, BA

Director of Rural Health Access Programs
Director of the Healthy Texas Institute
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Ellen Martin

Ellen E. Martin, PhD, RN, CPHQ, CPPS

Director of Clinical Safety Research
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Marisa Galimbertti

Marisa Galimbertti, MD, MS

Program Manager
Healthcare Data Integration
Senior Research Associate
Hong Liu

Hong Liu, PhD

Data Analyst
Healthcare Data Integration
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Lori Fry, CPC, CPMA

Medical Data Analyst
Healthcare Data Integration
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Tammy Hughson

Tammy Weigand, RN, IQCI

Program Manager
Physician Peer Review
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Lori Bowman

Lori Bowman, BS, RN, IQCI

Program Coordinator II 
Utilization Management
RN Physician Peer Review
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Walter Page

Walter Page, MS, BSN, RN

Program Manager KSTAR Nursing and NQSC 
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Debbie Muesse

Debbie Muesse, BSN, RN

RN Peer Review 
KSTAR Nursing 
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Tish Wilkins

Tish Wilkins, BS, RN

Program Manager
Behavioral Health Services

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Melissa Lackey

Melissa Lackey, MSN, RN

Project Specialist
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Ellen Franks

Ellen Franks, BSN, RN

Program Coordinator II
RN Physician Peer Review
Interdisciplinary Ambulatory Case Review
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Tracy Adams

Tracy L Adams, BBA

Program Coordinator II
KSTAR Physician Program
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Charlotte Stephenson

Charlotte Stephenson, AA

Administrative Coordinator
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Susan Williams

Susan Williams

Administrative Associate 
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Ronnie Creeks, AA

Administrative Associate
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Andrew pfeifer

Andrea Pfeifer, LMT, NCTMB, CMLDT

Administrative Associate
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Kim Cassens

Kim Cassens, BS

Senior Outreach Coordinator
 Texas A&M Regional Extension Center at ARCHI
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Cassity Avila

Cassity Avila, MS

Outreach Coordinator
Outreach and Training Manager, CORH
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andrea brewer

Andrea Brewer, BS

Project Director, CORH
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Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez, BS

Software Applications Developer
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Jose Manriquezr

Jose Manriquez

Web and Information Designer
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Cory Thompson

Cory Thompson, BS

Web and Information Designer
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Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma, ME

Application Developer II
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Sam Stegall

Sam Stegall, BS

Website Designer
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Julie Zhang

Julie Zhang, MS

Web and Information Designer
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Robin Arnold

Robin Arnold

Project Manager Project Coordinator, CORH

Sherri Payne

Sherri Payne

Business Administrator
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Darla Wiskoski

Darla Wishkoski

Administrative Associate
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