Programs We Offer

For some small community or rural facilities that may find it difficult to produce certain programs and services on their own, we provide simple solutions. We offer a variety of quality and patient safety programs, including peer review through case-based learning, benchmarking, assessment services, and database management and analysis. 

Peer Review

The ARCHI Peer Review Program fosters improvement and safety in quality of health care by providing objective, impartial patient care reviews by a peer review committee consisting of medical staff members within a specialty.

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Nursing Quality and Safety Collaborative

With the focus today on safe practice, the TAMHSC-Rural and Community Health Institute's Nursing Quality and Safety Collaborative (NQSC) program advances safe nursing practice through a multi-institutional collaboration that promotes patient safety and quality of care.

The program will utilize a systems approach to conduct impartial, objective reviews by nursing peers.

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KSTAR Physician Assessment Program/Mini Residency

KSTAR stands for "Knowledge, Skills, Training, Assessment and Research."  KSTAR is designed for the physician who needs an assessment program to demonstrate his/her quality of care or skills knowledge base.  The vision of the TAMHSC-Rural and Community Health Institute KSTAR program is to encourage and stimulate medical practice improvement in an environment that allows for individualized and tailored assessment, education and training to create high-performing physicians and improve the safety and quality of medical care provided.

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KSTAR Nursing Assessment Program

KSTAR (Knowledge, Skills, Training, Assessment and Research) Nursing is a comprehensive program for nurses designed to perform a competency assessment and provide individualized remediation to ensure minimum nurse competency. KSTAR Nursing is modeled after our successful, similar program for physicians.

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Patient Safety Organization / The Safety Net (TSN)

Rural hospitals can move away from paper "report forms" for an automated approach to monitoring and evaluating occurrences, near misses, and unsafe conditions in hospitals. This program provides the opportunity for rural hospitals to electronically enter data into a secure HIPAA-compliant, web-based data repository. Data then can be quickly aggregated into reports for review.

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Healthcare Data Integration (HDI)

TAMHSC-Rural and Community Health Institute's HDI program provides hospitals with a service to streamline flow of accurate and complete data to monitor clinical quality and financial performance. The program allows for more timely abstraction, provides concurrent reporting, performs submissions to regulatory/accrediting agencies, has report card capability and is an excellent resource for individual, state and national benchmarking.

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Utilization Management

In striving to assist Texas rural hospitals in meeting utilization review requirements, the TAMHSC-Rural and Community Health Institute offers the availability of evidenced-based standards of care criteria through a group purchase option with McKesson Health Solutions called "InterQual Level of Care.""  "

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Quality Collaboration Meeting

The Quality Collaboration Meeting is a quarterly webinar that gives many Texas rural hospitals the opportunity to discuss current quality/patient safety topics in an open forum with key staff in similar facilities.

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TAMHSC-Rural and Community Health Institute provides health care consulting that is dedicated to fulfilling the special needs of small and rural health care organizations by offering a customized, cost-effective approach to consultation based on the needs of our customers.

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Texas A&M Regional Extension Center at ARCHI

CentrEast is a Regional Extension Center that offers technical assistance, guidance, and information on best practices to support and accelerate health care providers efforts to become meaningful users of Electronic Health Records.

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Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP)

ARCHI is working in collaboration with the State Office of Rural Health (SORH) and Texas Hospital Association Foundation (THAF) to assist Critical Access Hospitals in reporting MBQIP measures. We will provide information on MBQIP measures, reporting process for all III Phasses and how to use this data in quality improvement efforts.

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ARCHI Virtual Training and Quality Improvement Project

The ARCHI Virtual Training and Quality Improvement Project is a 5 month webinar series that begins in May each year.

Webinars are scheduled monthly from May through September at 2:00pm Central time.

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